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Accessories for powder coating and anodizing

Sealing Balls

Energy savings in sealing baths

Made of heat resistant polypropylene. Its design has been conceived to create a surface that eliminates almost completely the heat loss at the baths preventing the emanation of vapors.

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60 mm balls Coverage: 267 units/m2

85 mm balls Coverage: 138 units/m2

Energy savings of 90%. Its design minimizes heat loss. Systematic recovery of the floating layer.

Fast Clamps

System for fast mounting of profiles on rack jig bars

Our fast clamps are made of polymers with maximum chemical and mechanical resistance, which guarantees optimum performance.

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Fast Clamp with external spring and three titanium points
Fast Clamp with internal spring



Robust and able to adapt to any piece

This clamps are a guarantee of perfect and resistant fastening from the piece to the racks.

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35, 50 and 70 mm camps
50 and 75 mm screws
With ceramic or titanium tips, or without tip

Made of high resistance polymers.

Resistance up to 5Nm.

Cathodic Bags

Clean environments in the anodizing area

Cathodic Bags are a simple and economical alternative to the aspiration of acid vapors in the anodizing bath.

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Custom made sizes
Adaptable in length and diameter

Made of materials with high endurance, durability and chemical resistance.

Retouch brushes

Esthetic improvement for small damages

Our retouch brushes have been developed to complement the Aluspray product line. They are ideal for correcting small scratches and marks.

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Wide range of colors.

The perfect complement of Aluspray.


Esthetic retouching spray indicated to renew the look of aluminum

Aluspray is an acrylic spray paint, quick air-drying. Thanks to its easy application, it is ideal as a retouching product to conceal paint defects caused by improper handling of the material, such as scratches, stains, lines, etc.

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Wide range of colors.

Electrical Contacts

Hydraulic contacts

They fix the racks by using high pressure through oil piston. They are usually water-cooled.

Self-tensioning contacts by multidivision

They distribute the current through different contacts which, independently, mechanically press against the rack.

Support contacts

The rack has a support at the bottom. They are water-cooled.

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Models from 1250 up to 5000 Amps

Spare Parts Available


Copper-Aluminum contact with minimal maintenance

The contact between the copper and the aluminum can present an electrical resistance if there is no continuous maintenance. By using our Bi-Metal sheet and its corresponding electrical grease, this problem is completely solved.

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Sheets in standard size of 1200 x 600 x 2 mm
Possibility to supply special measures on request

Electrical Grease

The perfect complement to Bi-Metal sheet

The Alsan electric grease is composed of metal pigments that optimize the contact between aluminum or copper.

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GRASA AL-722 Electric grease based on aluminum pigments, specially designed for aluminum-aluminum contact.

GRASA CU-565 Same specifications as our aluminum grease but specially formulated for copper.


Cleaner for anodized aluminium

ALUPROP neutro is the ideal cleaner for anodized aluminum as it does not cause alterations in its appearance and leaves a protective film against corrosion. ALUPROP has passed the tests according to the guidelines of Aluminum Zentrale e.V. as a product suitable for cleaning aluminum facades.

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Protects Anodized Aluminum
300 gr tube