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Anodicool Temperature Exchanger equipment for anodizing baths

Accurate temperature control in anodizing baths

Anodicool is a recirculating and cooling system for electrolytic baths that guarantees the quality of the anodic layer through a constant temperature throughout the anodizing process and a perfect homogeneity of the electrolyte. With the obtaining of regular anodic layers without differences of thickness, it is possible to reach later uniformity in the coloration and a high quality final sealing.



The appropriate model is recommended depending on the required production and tap water quality.

*Anodicool MODELS 6000 10000 12000 15000 20000 25000
Flow Rate 6.000 l/h 10.000 l/h 12.000 l/h 15.000 l/h 20.000 l/h 25.000 l/h

* Guidance data subject to change depending on the type of installation