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Multimetal Powder Coating

The application of organic coatings on metal substrates allows to obtain an unlimited variety of finishes with an excellent durability. Usually the steel is lacquered in production lines where simultaneous pretreatment with other metals like aluminum, galvanized surfaces, zinc or zamak are carried out. Our range of products for multimetal pretreatment covers all stages of the preparation process.

Multimetal Powder Coating Products Catalog


  • ALUPROP M9 | ALUPROP M9/I. Silicate and borate free products, moderately alkaline and formulated with biodegradable surfactants capable of eliminating surface oils and oxides from the surface of aluminum, zinc, zamak, steel and galvanized steel. Available for application by immersion and by spray or cascade. +info


  • ALUPROP L | ALUPROP LFe | ALUPROP 12 | ALUPROP I. Additives used to enhance the degreasing power of the phosphating bath. Formulated with biodegradable surfactants. +info

  • ALSAN MULTIFOS 10 | ALSAN MULTIFOS 120 T | ALSAN Fe860 | ALSAN Fe960A. Liquid products for the phosphating of steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, zinc and zamak. They can be applied in immersion or spray processes and are specially developed to obtain high-thickness phosphating layers at moderate temperatures (35-60 ° C). The obtained phosphating layers show different coloration depending on the metal and the thickness. +info

  • ALPAS Z121. Product free of chromium and heavy metals, for the sealing of phosphated surfaces. ALPAS Z121 can be applied in immersion or spray processes and does not require a subsequent rinse. The product is especially indicated to increase the corrosion resistance of the phosphating conversion layers by reducing their porosity and their tendency to environmental oxidation. The metal surfaces phosphated and sealed with the product ALPAS Z121 have an excellent adhesion base for all types of organic coatings. +info

  • NANOPAINTing®. Product suitable for pre-treatment of steel, galvanized surfaces, aluminium, zinc and zamak. It contains no phosphates or heavy metals. It allows to reduce the spills, minimize sludge and save energy, since it can work at room temperature. +info