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Modular building system of anodizing plants, unique in the world


ANODIKIT® BASIC is a modular building system of anodizing plants, unique in the world. This system of construction based on kits allows the execution of an installation project with your local labor costs, without giving up a modern installation, of good quality and at a price difficult to improve.
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All the features of ANODIKIT® BASIC are supplemented with the ELCOSAN® RAINBOW technology to be able to perform colouring by interference in your new project.
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ANODIKIT® models differ in their monthly capacity in tons of production.
The production capacity of an anodizing plant depends on the ratio between the weight of the aluminum profiles and the surface that is actually able for anodizing.

Monthly Prod ** Rectifier Tank Depth
ANODIKIT® 170 | 200 | 240 T 107.700 m2 2 x 10.000 A 225cm
ANODIKIT® 260 | 310 | 350 T 161.568 m2 3 x 10.000 A 225cm
ANODIKIT® 360 | 465 | 520 T 242.352 m2 3 x 15.000 A 250cm

* Guidance data subject to change depending on the type of installation. ** Working 22 days/month.

ASIP. Asesoramiento Integral de Proyectos

Comprehensive advice on projects

Alsan advises its clients on every necessary aspect so that they can build their own anodizing plants by their own resources.
This methodology ensures:

Minimum cost combined with the latest technology.
Work with trained personnel at the start-up of the installation.
Market-leading chemicals.
Facilities working with optimum performance.

Machinery Supplied with ANODIKIT®

Properties of anodized aluminium