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Elcosan® Electrolytic Coloration. The Best Coloration Around the World 2019-01-10T10:03:19+02:00

ELCOSAN® Technologies. Leader in electrolytic coloration

Our electrolytic colouring equipments with Elcosan® technology have been developed and marketed by Alsan over the last 30 years, performing installations of DC/AC electrolytic colouring equipments in more than 50 countries.

This technology incorporates the latest electronic innovations such as the use of PLC automata allowing a high reproducibility in the process of great precision colouring, avoiding the appearing of shade differences in the finishes.

Alsan not only markets this new technology but also advises and set-up your installation in order to implement Elcosan® technology at your process.

The Elcosan® equipment stands out for its construction system made entirely of copper and include highly precise and long-lasting voltage regulators.
In recent years, Alsan has developed at its R & D & I laboratories the nanotechnology for colouring. All this work has materialized in the creation of Elcosan® Rainbow, a system where the electro-depositions of metal on the anodic layer are of the order of nanometers, which produces the refraction of the light and the achievement of a result from different colors of the visible spectrum.



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