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Aluminium Powder Coating

Powder coating is a system of protection of the aluminum that consists in the application of a coating, either liquid or powder, on the surface of the metal.

As with most metals, precise preparation of the metal surface is essential to ensure the adherence of the coatings applied subsequently, as well as their durability and optimum protection against filiform corrosion.

Alsan offers a wide catalog of products that allows covering each and every one of the pre-treatment stages guaranteeing an excellent preparation of the metal surface.

Properties of Powder Coated Aluminum

Powder Coating Products Catalog


Acidic products of very low attack and consumption, specially designed to degrease the surface of aluminum and prepare it for an acidic or alkaline etching process.

  • DESENCID. Range of acidic products characterized by excellent working performance. Alsan offers customized solutions for each installation and for the cleaning needs of each material. Consult the product most suitable for your line. +info

Acid Etching

By using acid etching solutions, the pretreatment processes can be shortened, since it is not necessary to neutralize the surface in order to apply conversion layers.

  • ALCID® | ALDEOX. We have an extensive range of products designed for etching / acid neutralizing with optimum performance, which minimize the attack on the facilities. Additionally, we offer solutions adapted to the environmental and storage restrictions of each country. +info

Alkaline Etching

  • ALSAT 2000. Range of alkaline products with high degreasing power and strongly alkaline character effective for the performance of a degreasing and etching process in the lines of aluminum powder coating. By using this single additive, it is possible to work at reduced temperatures and avoid the formation of aluminum and calcium deposits, both in the bath itself and in the subsequent rinses. +info


Reinforcement degreasing additives for acid and alkaline baths formulated with biodegradable surfactants.


Chromium-based conversion layers

It is the most classic procedure used for the protection of aluminum before the application of the organic coating. Alsan has a complete line of products based on Cr (VI) for the use of this technique.

  • ALSAN CROM 21 | ALSAN CROM 16. Two-component product applicable by immersion, cascade and spray, which results in gold-colored chromic conversion layers. +info
  • ALSAN CROM MV | ALSAN CROM F16. Two-component product that produces phosphochromic conversion layers of slightly greenish color. +info

Free-chrome conversion layers

Given the increasingly restrictive requirements of environmental legislation, chromatic pre-treatments are being largely replaced by chromium-free technologies. Alsan offers a wide range of possibilities to work with ecological products, all of them approved by Qualicoat.

  • EcoAl® 20. Range of products exempt from chromium and heavy metals, to be applied by immersion, cascade or spray. The conversion layers obtained with the EcoAl® 20 products allow excellent results on adhesion and corrosion resistance to be obtained with all types of paints and they specifically confer great protection against filiform corrosion. Product approved by Qualicoat Nº A-013. +info
  • ECOTRI. Product exempt from Cr (VI), based on Trivalent Chromium for the passivation of aluminum surface. Product approved by Qualicoat Nº A-052. +info
  • EcoAl® Golden. Product exempt from chromium and heavy metals, for application by immersion, cascade or spray. The conversion layers obtained with the EcoAl® Golden product have a golden coloration and allow excellent adhesion results with all types of paints and give high protection against corrosion. Product approved by Qualicoat Nº A-043. +info
  • Ecocid. Monocomponent and polyvalent product that can be used as acid etching and as conversion layer in a single process stage. Product approved by Qualicoat Nº A-128. +info
  • ECORINSE LD. Product for the improvement of the adhesion of the organic coatings on the anodic layer. Its use as a posterior rinse of the anodizing stage ensures an excellent adhesion in wet, thus fulfilling the QUALICOAT requirements. Product approved by Qualicoat Nº A-127. +info


Exempt from methylene chloride, phenols, N-methylpyrrolidone and other toxic solvents, ECOSTRIP® products are non-flammable and suitable for application on any metal surface. By using ECOSTRIP® it is possible to carry out the stripping process in short times and at moderate temperatures (30-60°C).

  • ECOSTRIP®. Strippers free of toxic solvents suitable for any metal surface. +info
  • ECOSTRIP® IRON. Low consumption stripper, free of toxic solvents especially suitable for the stripping of steel. +info