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Quality Policy

Álvarez Schaer, S.L.U constitute, as any other company, a commercial business that works in an increasing competitive global market. The constant search for a service with the highest quality to offer to its clients, is as essential to the development and survival in the long term, as in the cost control and selection of optimal prices.

To guarantee quick and innovative answers to the client, and the professional capacity and quality of the offered products and services, Álvarez Schaer, S.L.U has established the Quality System ISO 9001. Because of this, it establishes the following principles in its Quality Policy:

Assure that the organization’s objectives are linked to the necessities and expectations of the clients, as with the current legal requirements. Establish a fluid relationship with our clients by providing all of workforce.

Limit a balanced approximation satisfying the clients and the rest of the interested parties (holders, employees, suppliers, financiers, local communities and the society as a whole).

Solve the encountered deficiency by the quality system in the quickest and most effective manner.

Amplify and recognise the values of honesty, loyalty, initiative and work creativity. Improve the vertical communication of the company and make a compromise with all the organisation to fulfil the legal and regulative requirements.

Need to improve continuously the process and actions, keeping in every case a group methodology that achieve to highlight the competitiveness of the company and generate a better working environment, guaranteeing full satisfaction in the client. Boost the teamwork considering the company as a whole and not individualized departments.